Peak Nutritionals join EFC15-Mar-2019

Essendon Football Club is pleased to announce Peak Nutritionals, industry leader in premium quality sports nutrition, will join the Bombers as a new partner of the club.

Peak products are scientifically formulated offering premium quality sports nutrition, created from the best available clean whey protein source in Australia and around the globe.

Essendon Chief Commercial Officer, Justin Rodski, said the partnership was a significant vote of confidence in the Club’s women’s football program.

“We are very excited to have Peak Nutritionals on board, supporting not only our players’ nutritional requirements but also joining the Club in celebrating the contribution of women at all levels across the football industry through our upcoming Fujitsu General Grand Final Comedy Debate.” Rodski said.

“The first-class products our players now have access to thanks to Peak Nutritionals demonstrates their firm commitment to nurturing and supporting athletes.

“In particular, their focus on female athletes having developed bespoke female product offering, Tone.”

Founder of Peak Nutritionals, Andrew Paterson, said he was thrilled with the opportunities the new partnership presented.

“As a 100% Australian owned company, Peak Nutritionals view the strategic partnership with the Essendon Football Club as an exciting opportunity to promote the use of high-quality sports nutrition products in Australian Rules Football and especially with women in sport,” Paterson said.

“At Peak we value long term partnerships and look forward to many years of support to women in sport and the Essendon Football Club.”

This new and exciting partnership will enable players to access the best products available in aiding recovery and general wellbeing.

Marketing Manager of Peak Nutritionals, Cara Julian, said Peak products are all scientifically formulated, premium quality and Informed Sports certified, so the club and its players can have 100% trust in the brand.

“Peak Nutritionals is privileged to have the opportunity to be associated with the Essendon Football Club," Julian said.

“We are passionate about sport participation and performance, be it amateur or elite. We are proudly Australian owned and dedicated to supporting our local sporting communities.

“Our breadth of product range is able to boost the nutritional needs of the men’s AFL and VFL teams and also the women’s VFL team with Tone – a product specifically designed for women.”

Peak Nutritionals will be launching the partnership by showcasing its products at the upcoming Fujitsu General Grand Final Comedy Debate, presented by the Essendon Women's Network.

Now in its 21st year, the Fujitsu General Grand Final Comedy Debate is the premier AFL-endorsed event for lovers of football, highlighting and rewarding key female achievers in the sport.

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MBS Festival collaboration with Andi Lew Wellness Coach13-Jun-2017


MBS festival held in Melbourne 9-12 June 2017 @ Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre South Wharf

Andi Lew engaged the whole Soul Food Kitchen audience with her incredible knowledge on the body and healing the body on a holistic level through the foods we eat.  We all know food is our priority in nourishing our bodies and nervous system and there are two main body areas we need to set straight to ensure we absorb and 'assimilate' all the nutrients we need for healthy working cells, the brain and gut health.  These are the foundation of slowing the ageing process, balancing hormones,  radiating good health and vitality.

Andi talked us through the evil sugar and why our gut craves it, how important it is to have stevia over refined sugar, why we need to eat 'good fats' and why so importantly we need to eat protein.  A super charged Green smoothie bowl made with Peak Nutritionals velvet vanilla WPI and TONE banana were on the menu at the festival and it tasted amazing! 

As an author of 5 best selling health books, with super easy to follow healing recipes, Andi is well versed.  Be sure to head over to her website if you missed the opportunity  and check out her Amaze bars, all vegan and packed full of loving healthy goodness!

We cant get enough of your knowledge Andi thank you!

Namaste  x






Mind Body Spirit Festival 9-11 June 201708-Jun-2017


Click below to see what's happening this weekend:

Very excited to be partnering with our wellness Ambassador Andi Lew this weekend.  Come and see us at the Mind Body Spirit Festival 9-11 June.   Andi will be talking all things about good nutrition, gut health, running live cooking demonstrations and discussing connectedness.

Important details: must register online for your free tickets

Where: Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank

Cooking demonstrations: Soul Kitchen stage @ 3.30pm each day to see Andi Lew who will be signing her book and you can get to take home a free Peak Nutritionals Ready to Drink protein!

Hope to see you there!  

Announcing Wellness Ambassador - Andi Lew 04-May-2017

Peak Nutritionals proudly announce a joint collaboration with an inspirational and highly acclaimed certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach; Andi Lew.  You may recognise her from TV.  Andi is a Melbourne personality, successful best selling author of an assortment of health, recipe and wellness books, a renowned presenter, and she has her own cooking school in St Kilda, with the focus on nutrition and wellbeing.   

Apart from her professional accolades, Andi is a vivacious well versed health advocate with a depth of knowledge in her field nothing short of awe inspiring.

An alignment of shared values of natural and quality ingredients alongside Andi's teachings is how we found a terrific connection.  Peak Nutritionals and Andi speak the same fundamental language; its what's in the product, what it's made from that counts.  A combination of quality produce, no processed sugars and no artificial additives are key to a healthy diet.  We're both all about "all natural, all the way!".

Being a huge advocate for nutritional nourishment and having a holistic approach to healthy mind and body, Andi will soon take to the Soul Kitchen stage at the Mind Body Spirit festival  over the long weekend in June, in Melbourne and demonstrate some of her delicious nutrient dense mindful food recipes that include Peak Nutritionals.  She will offer samples and insights of her recent publication Wellness Loading, disconnect to reconnect with a book signing after the presentation.

In this recent publication, Andi steps us through her life experience, her gratitude to her extended #framily and family, why she loves the natural benefits of natural ingredients, how to be connected on a soul level by reconnecting with yourself and community and creating a healthy vision board in striving for work / life balance and optimal health.   It also includes 20 mindful food plant based recipes including a yummy limoncello superfood protein bomb recipe, and a wellness journal to assist you on your way to  true wellness.

Be sure to view Andi's recipe for our own protein balls using our delicious velvety vanilla WPI flavoured protein.  For your opportunity to have your own limited edition signed copy of Andi’s Wellness Loading publication, please follow us through our journey with Andi over the next 2 months on our social media pages, and prompts on how to participate.  

We are bursting with happiness and incredibly honoured to have Andi on board with us at Peak Nutritionals!



ANZ Corporate Farmers Market31-Mar-2017

Peak Nutritionals were invited to participate in the ANZ Regional Business Farmers Market where we had our product on show and met many of our fellow Australian produce in small / medium business'.  Held in a perfect modern location in the ANZ Melbourne H/O. 

Our smoothie on tap proved a massive hit with the employees with the star of the show being our Classic Chocolate WPI and Tone Banana.  Such a great opportunity  to chat to our customers all about the benefits of natural products vs artificial and inferior ingredients and being able to bring the product to their door - literally! 

Thanks for having us ANZ!!




Peak Sports Ambassador 04-May-2016









Introducing Loudy Wiggins - our Peak Sports Ambassador






It is with great pleasure to welcome Loudy Wiggins to Peak Nutritionals™ as our own Sports Ambassador.  Loudy has attained many outstanding sporting and personal achievements in her young career and Loudy is a terrific inspiration to all of us when it comes to fitness and personal goals.  Loudy is an absolute treasure and we are incredibly fortunate to share her nutritional knowledge with you.

Through her experience first hand in competing in the Olympics (both Sydney and Athens), Loudy has displayed incredible self motivation, determination and sheer hard work to successfully compete at the ultimate level, go on to win medals and continue to keep achieving goals in life.   We can all learn a lot from her inspiration, tips on nutrition and recovery over the coming months. 

It has just been announced also that Loudy will also be part of Channel 7's commentary of the Rio Olympics in August, so its fair to say you will see and hear a lot of Loudy over the coming months!

Nutrition and personal training is now at the forefront of her career and through her mind body blitz challenge you will be able work towards achievable results in fitness and health.  

Be sure to follow us on our social media where we will share Loudy's insights.

to follow - click on our icons on the top of our homepage Instagram: PeakNutritionals

FB: Peak Nutritionals

Essendon Rowing Club Regatta20-Mar-2016

Peak is proud Sponsors of the Essendon Rowing Club and supporting the Henley on the Maribyrnong rowing Regatta Sunday 20th March.

Rowing is such an amazing all body workout.....Ever wanted to learn to row, you can find out more at;-

Heres some images of recent National Title Medalists from Essendon Rowing Club - Riley & Luke....Well done guys, local champions with a whole future ahead of them!





































Athleta Gym Open Day 05-Mar-2016


Fundraising for Very Special Kids, Peak loved being invited to be part of this day!  

Come down and see Nicholas from Athleta where the walls are adorned with super heroes and a fit crew of PTs equiped to get you into shape in no time!  






















Sampling Aston Fitness04-Mar-2016

Today, sampling at Aston Fitness, a beautifully appointed Boutique gym with exceptional service and facilities!  

Go on take a peak, Donna is an acclaimed trainer to the stars!  Donna has written numerous diet and health books.  Great blogs I might add, for more information go to:- 











Here we are with Donna's gorgeous fit crew - Katarina & Abbey









Wyndham - Manor Lakes Rotary Fun Run for Good Friday Appeal28-Feb-2016

High Five!  Game Face getting our Peak on in support of all the amazing local champions battling it out in the 4km, 5km, 8km & 10km run / walk today!  Well done!  All for raising funds for the Good Friday Appeal - kicked off at 8am - terrific day thank you Wyndham Rotary! 





Ciancio Weightlifting Visited by Weightlifting Royalty19-Feb-2016

Weightlifting World Royalty visits Ciancio in Melbourne - image - Dmitry Lapikov (Silver 2006 World Championship, 2008 Beijing Bronze Medalist, Caity, David Rigert (one of the Worlds Greatest weightlifters in history - owning 68 WORLD RECORDS!!, Vlad Rigert, & Chris Cianco  - photo cred Jason Tang








Moloney Brothers Champion Boxers18-Feb-2016

Jason & Andrew Moloney - Australian Champion Bantam Weight BOXERS doing the State circuit - getting their Peak on as our very own Sports Ambassadors!      Good luck with fights @ Malvern Town Hall Saturday 19th March 2016!











Anytime Fitness One Day Sale 10-Feb-2016

One Day Sale, Peak Nutritionals happily sampling our product - thanks guys - great crew!





















East Keilor Tennis Club Open Day06-Feb-2016


Peak Nutritionals supporting Local Sporting Champions, Proud Sponsors of the East Keilor Tennis Club












Loudy Wiggins21-Dec-2015


 Dual Olympic Medalist 

PT, Food & Wellness Coach


Speaker & Presenter

Founder – Mind & Body

Loudy thanks for taking the time today out of your busy schedule, I guess the first question I have for you is how did you get into PT-ing?

I’ve been involved in sport as an athlete for most of my life however didn’t start thinking about my PT qualifications until I was pregnant with my first child Layla back in 2010. I was working full time in Media as I’d completed a media and comms degree but the nature of my job didn’t allow for me to work part time. So once I was on maternity leave it was the perfect time to re invent myself!

Apart from being a PT , tell us about your Dual Olympic Medal status.How did this all come about?

I started gymnastics when I was 5 years old as my parents needed an outlet for my craziness. It was pretty evident that I was talented and I started training every day of the week. When I was 11 I was selected in a squad aimed at the Olympic Games and had to move to Canberra to train for gymnastics. Even as a gymnast I remember saying (when I was 8 years old) that I want to win an Olympic Medal for Australia. It was just something intrinsic that I’ve always strived for.

Unfortunately gymnastics didn’t work out, as I was 11 and far too homesick to train away from my parents – 3 weeks later I started diving on suggestion from my physiotherapist as there are a lot of similarities in the sports – 6 weeks later I competed at my first nationals and made my first Olympic team at 17. From my first taste of the Olympics I knew that I wanted to medal even more- I wasn’t the most confident of competitors, but am lucky enough to have competed at four Olympic Games – medalling at 2 (mind you I came 4th in 3 other events – that is pretty painstaking!!)

Can you put into words what were you thinking in those moment just before you dive for Olympic medal?Must be a terrifying moment with all the world watching!

An Olympic Medal is more than just a moment. When you are in the competition you have no idea of placing’s, or what is going on around you. The Olympic medals are won in training – when you are in competition, it’s about being on autopilot. But terrifying none the less

Tell me a bit about your training, how do you get and keep yourself motivated?Winter can be so depressing!

I think my training and being so busy is what actually gets me through winter! Exercise is the best thing for you especially when the seasons can affect your mood so much… I aim to do 2 – 3 workouts a week that are pretty intense. I love what High intensity interval training does for my body. I also love running, but I am not very good at it! On the other days it might be a walk with my kids, but I’m pretty active and I don’t sit still.

What sacrifices you had to make to reach your goal?

In all honesty when it’s your goal and it’s so important to you, then I don’t think there are sacrifices. Of course you might have to be disciplined to get up when the alarm goes off – but essentially goals are very personal. If you aren’t going to work for them then who is?

Do you have any suggestions for anyone thinking about taking up training with a PT - what should they focus on initially?

There are definitely a lot of options these days in terms of fitness and personal training. My advice is to go with your gut – PT’s have great relationships with client and you should find someone you can trust – not someone who may just talk the talk.

Juggling being a mum and PT-ing and helping people achieve their goals, what do you do to balance time between all the demands, keeping fit and having some sort of a balanced lifestyle?

I think it is really important to have time without technology. Just being in the same room with your family – we get so caught up these days with our digital gadgets – I have 5 email addresses on my phone and can get obsessive in missing an opportunity and have an incredible sense of urgency, but in my household when we are home from 5pm – 8pm we put everything away and spend beautiful time with each other.

Exercise is also my outlet. It makes me feel good about myself and this transcends onto my clients.

My lifestyle is definitely not balanced, but I love it and have so much gratitude for my family and my business – I remind myself every day just how lucky I am. I used to have a tendency to be really anxious and overwhelmed, but I find if you interrupt this with gratitude it definitely helps.

Do you have any advice for us mere recreational life-stylers and how to keep focused?What do you draw on for inner strength?

My advice is to just turn up – when you can. Don’t make excuses because it’s the easiest thing to do. Force yourself to do and your mind and your body will love you for it later!

What about nutrition, how important is this to reach physical goals?

I personal think reaching your physical goals is 70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise – health and fitness go hand in hand and you can’t have one without the other, but nutrition plays a MASSIVE part. I think the focus needs to be taken away from aesthetics and the way you look though. That will come in time, but the focus needs to be on health.

What is your 'go to tune' for cranking up the volume and getting into the zone?I love a bit of Eminem - Curtain Call!

I have a really good play list at my High Intensity Interval training class in Moonee Ponds – I love it – I will often just play it to put me in a really good mood! It ranges from Meghan Trainor “All about that Bass” to “A little party never killed no body” by Fergie to a little bit of Taylor Swift. Anyone who says they don’t like Taylor Swift is lying!!

Thanks Loudy we think you are an amazing role model for women and people wanting to achieve their goals!

Go to www.mindbodyblitz.comfor more information about Loudy’s program offering lifestyle overhaul including fitness coaching & nutritional guidelines and the best part, you can start at anytime!


PEAK with Tay J Clark01-Dec-2015

Tay J Clark - Australian Triple Jumper professional Athlete

PEAK shipping to Yogurt & Smoothie Bars Nation Wide02-Nov-2015

November 2015: Now shipping to Yogurt & Smoothie Bars Nation Wide!

Peak with Tommy Davidson01-Nov-2015

Peak with Tommy Davidson - Renu 28 Healthy Skin Beauty & Healthy Life Brunch with Helen Reizer PR & Ingrid Seaburn

Pink Tennis Day supporting Breast Cancer Network Foundation11-Oct-2015

Pink Tennis Day supporting Breast Cancer Network Foundation on Sunday 11th October, Malvern Tennis Centre.

Peak @ A Night With the Stars16-Sep-2015

Thank you for attending the recent A Night With the Stars event last week. We have had an overwhelming response to the event, special thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors. Images courtesy of Ikon Photography.

Fox FM hitsquad Promotions 16-Aug-2015

Thanks to our good friends at Fox FM and the hitsquad for handing out our peak protein ready to go product at the Lorna Jane warehouse sale in Flemington August 2015