Whey Protein Concentrate WPC




Natural WPC powder - whey protein concentrate with natural phospholipids for sustained results & keep you feeling fuller for longer!  Great economical all rounder powder with many great health benefits!

clean protein, nothing artificial, no hidden nasties!

Mix in water, add to a smoothie or milk liquid of your choice and consume within 90 mins of training for optimal benefits.

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Each serve of Natural WPC (WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE)  contains 30.8g protein to fuel your day with sustained energy, 3.4g Carbohydrates and  2.4g fat. Peak WPC is an ultra-filtered premium grade *GMO-free protein powder. Naturally high in bioactive whey proteins which helps boost your immune system, phospholipids for anabolic muscle growth and sustained results.  Rich in naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) to service muscle synthesis with phospholipids for cell repair,  aiding faster recovery after exercise.

Peak Nutritionals™ WPC has been sprayed dried with sunflower lecithin for easy mixing.  With the added benefit of digestive enzymes allowing your body to easily digest and absorb the protein so you can perform at your peak! Its neutral flavour makes it a perfect choice to add to your smoothie or drink after you workout.  It is pure, full of goodness and free from any fillers or hidden ingredients, making it the ideal sports supplement to replenish your body and compliment your fitness regime!

WPC (Whey protein concentrate) is the result of an ultrafiltration of the product, usually the product that is left behind when making cheese for example. It goes through a filtration that is incredibly small to leave behind the whey protein concentrate. Therefore the fats and sugars are still contained. WPC is an economical protein offering more growth stimulating properties, and supports more general health benefits as it contains more butter fat. In simple terms, it contains more phospholipids, including conjugated linoleic acid(CLA) which helps with anabolic growth factors to help improve body composition. This product is also full of essential fatty acids. Notably too it contains higher levels of lactose because it has not been ultra filtrated, so if you have a lactose intolerance it would be best for you to look at a WPI product. Higher levels of lactose still have essential health benefits such as oligosaccharides which act as growth factors, many toxin binding factors, anti-microbial peptides, prebiotics and immune regulators. This teamed with the fact is has low G.I. of lactose and other bioactives like lactulose helps form minerals and antioxidants.


  • Slow release premium grade WPC for sustained results
  • To assist with lean muscle build,  improve strength & performance
  • Rich in naturally occurring BCAA's  - the building blocks of tissue formation – to promote muscle cell synthesis, consisting of Leucine, Isoleucine an d Valine- essential for ongoing growth, repair and maintenance
  • Phospholipids for repair and reduced recovery time between training
  • digestive enzymes added to assist with absorption and gentleness on the stomach and high digestibility
  • * GMO-free,  Gluten Free & great protein source for Vegetarians
  • Easy Mixing
  • Neutral taste - add to smoothie or drink of your choice
  • No artificial colourings,  flavourings and no sweeteners
  • Clean and pure protein source with no added fillers or inferior ingredients
  • great all rounder for general well being and healthy weight management 


Directions for use: add 2 level scoops of whey protein concentrate into 250mLs water or milk liquid of your choice and shake (may also be added to muffin or pancake mix).

Suitable for:   fitness engaged people looking to build lean muscle and improve recovery after exercise.

Consume: Take within 60 mins post exercise to ensure maximum results

Tasting profile: Natural has no sweetners or flavours, add to a smoothie with either a banana or a handful of your favourite berries for a gorgeous pick me up with no added sugar! also a perfect base for muffins, pancake or protein cake batter mix and can be used for protein slices!

* this product is not intended to be consumed as a sole nutritional value product, it is a supplement to assist in conjunction with a nutritious diet and fitness regime.       



 Link to Science Facts for WPC (downloadable PDF)  Reference: 2011 National Dairy Council

Our products are all Gluten Free, * GMO-free, free from added fillers or hidden ingredients meaning you get a clean pure form of protein from a trusted source .

*Ingredients do not contain or consist of GMO's in accordance with FSANZ Standard 1.5.2