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There’s no doubt that adapting to the needs of our customers is at the forefront of our thinking. We have recently identified two very important needs that will ensure you continue to #peakwheybetter.

Invention through necessity, you could say it’s in our blood. You see, the family behind Peak Nutritionals were there in 1915, when during World War I, we created Aspro. A need that arose after Germany cut supply of Aspirin to Australia.Then in 1943, as the world faced another atrocity (World War II), we developed Akta-Vite. A powdered drink, so vitamin and nutrient dense it was sent to our brave soldiers for sustenance.

And now, together we have developed an immune-boosting supplement called PEAK IMMUNITY.

Peak Immunity, which is formulated in our Australian owned and operated facility proven to protect against viral and bacterial infection. How does is do this? It’s largely through the active ingredient Lactoferrin, an effective antioxidant that supports healthy modulation of gut microflora.

When combined with Vitamin A & D, Iron, Coconut MCT and Whey Protein Isolate, you have a powerful immunity-boosting supplement.

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Immunity Boosting Supplements

350g Peak Immunity Boosting Supplement

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Immunity Boosting Supplements

Ready to Mix PEAK IMMUNITY – Chocolate

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