PEAK High Protein Low Carb (HPLC)

RECOVERY PROTEIN   PEAK High Protein Low Carb (HPLC)   

Fast releasing high protein powder boosted with L-glutamine for fast muscle recovery, for a fitter, healthy you meaning less downtime and more time to exercise!

clean protein, nothing artificial, no hidden nasties and tastes so good its hard to believe its good for you!

Mix in water, add to a smoothie or milk liquid of your choice and consume within 90 mins of training for optimal benefits.


PEAK HPLC fitness level PEAK HPLC fitness level (99 KB)

Each serve of Peak High Protein Low Carb contains 32.3g of Protein (30.8g for Vanilla) to fuel and sustain your energy, 2.2g Carbohydrates (3.5g for Vanilla) and 1.1g of fat (1.0g for Vanilla).  Peak High Protein Low Carb is a specially formulated powder boosted with L-Glutamine to assist with the reduction of muscle breakdown and is rich in naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's), to promote muscle protein synthesis, essential for recovery after exercise.   With the added benefit of digestive enzymes combined with soluble fibre, it will assist your body to assimilate so you can perform at your peak. Easily dispersed and flavoured for easy drinking with water or an alternative milk liquid, Peak is the ultimate protein product to assist with recovery after a daily workout.

Easy to mix in a drink of your choice in two delicious flavours,  our Peak HPLC contains digestive enzymes (consisting of; Protease, Lactase and Lipase) to assist to break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats making the digestion of whey proteins easier while being gentle on your stomach.

Consuming a 40g serve of Peak Nutritionals High Protein Low Carbohydrate Recovery powder after a workout will cause increases in blood amino acid levels in under an hour, with peak levels at just under 90 minutes.


  • Specially Formulated for muscle recovery and assist with lean muscle growth   
  • Our high protein low carbohydrate powder is a premium grade powder consisting of of whey protein isolate,  derived from sweet dairy whey manufactured by a special cross-flow filtration proces to assist with protein synthesis 
  • Recovery Powder - consuming whey protein after exercise helps to build and repair muscles so you can get back to exercise sooner!
  • L-Glutamine Boosted - allows recovery period to be reduced and helps repair muscles quicker
  • Rich in naturally occurring BCAAs  the building blocks of tissue formation - promotes muscle cell synthesis, consisting of Leucine, Iso Leucine and Valine- essential for ongoing growth, repair and maintenance
  • Digestive enzymes - added to assist with absorption, it is gentle on the stomach and helps the body break down proteins making them easier to digest
  • * GMO-free,   Gluten Free & a great protein source for Vegetarians
  • Easy Mixing no clumps
  • Great tasting in flavours chocolate and vanilla
  • no artificial colourings, flavourings and we use natural sweeteners
  • use inbetween meals in a smoothie or as a sweet treat

Directions for use:   add 2 heaped scoops  into 250mLs of cold water or milk liquid and shake.  Once reconstituted consume immediately or keep chilled and use within 6 hours.  Shake between each use.

Suitable for: all  fitness levels for muscle recovery and build lean muscle

Consume:   within 90 minutes post exercise for maximised benefits

Tasting profile: Classic Chocolate & Velvet Vanilla   

Classic Chocolate is a smooth rich chocolately flavour naturally sweetened, tastes amazing in milk. Add to your smoothie for a quick pick me up, have it as a snack between meals as a wholesome treat or add to your pancake and muffin mix. This can be added to desserts for a rich chocolately finish

Velvet Vanilla is naturally flavoured and a soft subtle vanilla taste. Perfect to add to your smoothie with a banana or handful of berries of your choice. Also may be added to your muffin or pancake mix

* this product is not intended to be consumed as a sole nutritional value product, it is a supplement to assist in conjunction with a nutritious diet and fitness regime.




Link to science facts for Peak HPLC for downloadable PDF

Our products are all Gluten Free, * GMO-free, free from added fillers or hidden ingredients meaning you get a clean pure form of protein from a trusted source.

* Ingredients do not contain or consist of GMO's in accordance with FSANZ Standard 1.5.2