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Want to Take Your Sports and Fitness Business to New Heights?
Partner with sports supplement wholesaler Peak Nutritionals to offer your customers an elite line of protein supplements.

When you offer Peak Nutritionals’ range of high-value protein supplements, your customers will be fitter, your athletes will be stronger, and your profits will be greater. With our top-quality range of tasty whey protein products, your gym, club, or store can stock sports supplements that elite athletes use to attain peak performance.

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Trusted Suppliers, Quality Australian-Made Whey Protein Blends
We source our whey protein from only our most trusted partners in the international health food industry. Then, using state-of-the-art technology, our Melbourne-based manufacturing partners produce high-end protein powders under the strictest of international sports supplement standards. Whether you’re a sports club, health food store, or supermarket, you can provide your customers with whey protein supplements that will help top athletes or weekend warriors perform at their best. Don’t settle for second-best. Give your customers the best sports supplements on the market!

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Independently Lab-Tested and Certified
We start with premium ingredients, blend them to perfection, and then test them in our own Melbourne-based labs. Only after our expert food scientists give them a nod do we send them off to an independent lab for testing. We never send them off to our customers until they pass muster with that lab’s stringent standards. Then, after they obtain certification by Informed Sports (WADA), we can assure our customers that our supplements provide the nutrition champions need to thrive in their respective sports. Contact our quality assurance team to learn more about the Peak Nutritionals difference.

Small Business? Peak Nutritionals Can Help
Even smaller gyms, sports clubs, sports equipment stores, solo fitness practitioners, and grocery stores can benefit from offering Peak whey protein products to their customers. Unlike many wholesalers, we sell our fitness and sports supplements in both small and large quantities, with no minimum order for our Peak branded products. You’ll always have fresh, tasty protein supplements on hand – and more positive reviews rolling in to keep your business growing. Grow your business with us!

World-Class Sports Supplements at a Price Your Customers Can Afford
Beat your competitors to the punch with high-quality whey protein supplements that won’t break your customers’ budget. With our world-class Australian-made sports supplements, your customers can have the same quality products that power elite athletes but at a price they can afford.

To offer their customers the best supplements for less, we partner with:
• Gyms
• Sports clubs
• Health and fitness practitioners
• Sports and fitness e-commerce businesses
• Supermarkets
• Grocery stores
• Retail sporting equipment shops

Choose from Standard and Customised Protein Supplements
We offer something other sports supplement wholesalers don’t: a broad range of choices to meet all your customers’ needs. Our standard range includes our Whey Protein Concentrate, Instantised Whey Protein Concentrate, and Instantised Whey Protein Isolate in three mouth-watering flavours: chocolate, vanilla, and banana. But our offerings don’t stop there. If your customers crave another flavour, just ask. Our custom formulation services can deliver whatever your customers love. And, no matter what your customers’ dietary needs or preferences are, we can create the perfect sports supplement for their needs. Our team can even custom-blend protein supplements that avoid allergens or other ingredients that your customers cannot consume for medical or personal reasons. Whatever your need, just ask. Our sports nutrition experts can manage your sourcing and customisation projects from start to finish – all at a price that will give you a fantastic ROI.

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Take Your Supplement Offerings to a Whole New Level with Proprietary Blends
World-class performance demands world-class protein blends. If your customers need protein powders that optimise their nutritional needs with the proper blend of proteins, minerals, and carbs, the Peak Nutritionals team can get it done. Whether your customers need protein supplements to help them lose weight, specific blends to help them burn fat, hone their pre-workout nutritional regimen, or speed their post-workout recovery, we can help them achieve peak performance the natural way with customised blends. For your serious athletes, we can create specialised WPC/WPI blend protein supplements that promote muscle growth and faster recovery.

For other custom nutritional needs, we can include protein enhancers, such as probiotics, collagen, and MCT, for a proprietary blend unique to your brand. That’s a game-changer in the world of sport and fitness nutrition – and only Peak Nutritionals can offer it. Create your proprietary blend today!

Showcase Your Fitness Brand with Customised Packaging and Labelling Options
You know your customers’ nutritional needs better than anyone else. Tailor your range to their preferences with attractive packages that will entice them to buy. We can create powders and other protein supplements in single-serve sachets or bottles ad packets that range from one to five kilogrammes, or we can create your own packages by bulk-ordering sports supplements that range from 20 kilogrammes to multi-tonne orders – with massive discounts for buying in bulk.

Or, you can let our creative team do the heavy lifting with white-label or co-branding services with labelling that showcases your brand’s unique voice and image. If you want to make a bigger splash in the sport and fitness sector, we can help. Let us customise your labels and packaging.

Your One-Stop Shop for Wholesale Sports Nutrition Products
Give your customers the power of choice. Partner with Peak Nutritionals for innovative protein blends that meet your customers’ unique needs. Whether it’s going with our standard line of sports supplements or a fully customised line unique to your business, our expert team can provide the advice you need to move your sports and fitness business forward in today’s competitive environment.

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All our blends are made in Melbourne using premium ingredients and are tested by our food scientists.

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