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Peak Nutritionals was recommended to me by the Club Dietitian.  It’s an easy way to increase my overall protein intake following a session on the track or in the gym.  I also find it is easy, convenient and tasty to add to my smoothies and to use post match to aid the recovery process.

I have used lots of protein powders in the past that had so many additives it was hard to decode - Peak is different. After a workout it's a perfect pick up in a smoothie. My stomach is full and my muscles recover really well!

Getting back into health and fitness after becoming a mum has been hard. I've been taking the WPI for a month now and with daily walks and my once a week PT session, I'm finding it's helping me get rid of the excess weight and it's kept my fuller for longer which is perfect for a mum on the go!

After the last Melbourne marathon, I crossed the line and was pretty wrecked! The last thing was trying to stomach another gel or electrolyte drink, however, I had a small sample size of Peak with me for the finish. I mixed it up with water, sipped it down, and after 30 mins I felt like a fully functional human again.

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