350g Peak Immunity Boosting Supplement


    Peak Nutritional’s daily Immunity Supplement is formulated to assist your bodies defence and enhance your immune system. Sustained energy release, fatigue reduction, muscular reduction and improved cellular health forms the existing benefits of Peak’s scientific protein formula.

    • Simply add water or milk, shake and enjoy.
    • Delicious creamy chocolate flavour.
    • Australian Lactoferrin: Proven to help protect against viral & bacterial infection by stimulating the immune system.
    • Vitamins A + D: Immunity boosting and energy releasing.
    • Iron: Assisting immunity through cell growth and repair.
    • Prebiotic: Enhancing gut health to improve general well-being.
    • Coconut MCT: Anti fatigue superfood for sustained energy Whey Protein Isolate The ideal nutritional supplement.

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