Melbourne’s Best Running Tracks

Melbourne’s best outdoor running route, measure the city with your footsteps.

These five outdoor routes should not be missed
This Autumn, check out the most beautiful outdoor route in Melbourne.

As the sports capital of Australia, Melbourne has countless people who love sports. Especially in the picturesque autumn, running outdoors is a no-brainer for many people.

These running tracks in Melbourne and beyond will make it all worthwhile!

The Tan Track

For the CBD office workers, this is definitely the Top running route.
Starting from the awesome monument, passing through the beautiful Royal Botanical Garden, you will have a panoramic view of the high-rise buildings in the city and the Yarra River. This 4km long route is perfect.

Yarra Bend Park

The relatively small Yarra Bend Park is a secret base loved by seasoned runners.
There is beautiful scenery here, and there are many routes to choose from. Whether it’s gurgling water or labyrinth path, people can enjoy the different scenery.
In addition, the slightly undulating road nearby can greatly improve the exercise effect.

Albert Park Lake

Just shy of 5km this inner-city oasis is a brilliant way to test your speed. A flat course with views of the city skyline, rowers and swans passing by.

St.Kilda foreshore

From Port Melbourne, past St.Kilda, Brighton and beyond! This foreshore running and bike path will take you along Melbourne’s bayside, you will pass skate parks, cafes, bars, and be passed by yachts, sails boats and many other water sport activities!

Running Trails

If you are up for a drive or planning a weekend away these running trails are not to be missed;

Dandenong National Park

If you want to stay away from the city a little, you might as well choose Dandenong, a natural oxygen bar.
The 1000 steps originally built to commemorate the soldiers of World War II are 1.4 kilometers long, which not only tests your physical fitness, but also tests your willpower. Every weekend, there are many sports enthusiasts who come to challenge.

You can also try the Sherbrooke Trail, which is 4.8 kilometers long, by moving on through the crowds taking pictures and resting. The whole route is surrounded by primitive jungles and large shrubs, and there are birds singing, which can make people relax completely.

Point Nepean

This seaside route along Mornington Peninsula is a favorite of many cross-country runners.
With up to 40km of connecting trails, you will not struggle to find plenty of places to run along spectacular coastlines.

Otways National Park

Considered some of the best trail running in the world, the Otways national park offers it all. Hills, creeks, trails, the natural rainforest at its very best. After your trail adventure, the beautiful beaches are a great place to cool off.

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