Fat Burning Foods

Best Foods For Fat Burning

 We all know that a balanced diet and getting regular exercise is the best way to stay in shape. If you’re trying to take your health goals to the next level, sometimes all it takes is a little menu adjustment to kick start your metabolism. We’ve listed our favourite fat-burning foods that’ll keep you healthy, burning fat and kicking your health goals.

Coconut smells delicious and it burns fats for your body. Coconut is filled with medium-chain saturated fats and triglycerides (MCFA) that work to boost your thyroid function. In turn this will stabilise your blood sugar and aids in burning some serious fat. Try blending your protein shake with coconut milk for a fat-blasting boost.

Lemons and Limes
These sour fruits can pack a serious punch to your diet.  losing weight by including citric fruits has been proven! Lemons and limes are also packed with other natural goodies such as potassium and vitamin C – perfect for giving you an energy boost. Add a little lemon to your water before the gym and take your workout to a new level.

Whey Protein
Not only will a small amount of whey protein help build your lean muscle mass but it also works as an excellent appetite suppressor. Whey works by stimulating the release of fullness hormones that help keep hunger pangs at bay for longer. Studies also suggest that whey protein can increase metabolic and fat burning at a far higher rate than any soy alternatives. 

Millennials were onto something when they brought avocados back into the spotlight! This mean, green, fat-burning machine is packed with good fats and potassium which work wonders for the body. This potassium-rich fruit helps to remove excess water from your body, and the healthy fats stop your blood sugar from spiking. When blood-sugar spikes your body can start to store fat, so ensuring you’re eating your greens can help you burn some extra fat. More smashed avo toast, please!  

Full Fat Greek Yoghurt
Full-fat Greek yoghurt is a great source of calcium, potassium and protein. Probiotics in Greek yoghurt are great at creating a healthy gut and can reduce bloating. Full-fat Greek yoghurt is packed with conjugated linoleic acid which has been known to help promote fat burning and increase lean muscle mass. Make sure you skip any light or low-fat versions, these usually contain little to no conjugated linoleic acid, so to burn fat, full fat is the way to go.